What the lion cannot manage to do the fox can.

German Proverb

Throughout the world, foxes are seen as animals of extreme intelligence and adaptability. From China and Japan, to the Celts, Egyptians, and Native Americans, the fox was seen as a clever creature who could do anything. And thatís exactly the traits that youíll find with The White Fox Studio. I will find creative ideas and alternative to help you with your project, and within your budget, regardless of the size.

I have been focusing on art and design since I was in 7th grade, and I eventually graduated high school with honors in fine arts. Since then, I have continued to expand my artistic knowledge through both college and private classes.

I understand the hardships that the economy has brought to people as of late . That doesnít mean that you have to cut quality work - whether for work, school, or personal - from your budget. Please feel free to me to open an honest dialog into what your exact needs are for your next design project.

~Cindy Nickles